Melly Teddy Ragdoll Horse Bonnie & Clyde by Melanie Grobler (CAL)
Melly Teddy Ragdoll Graduate Grace by Melanie Grobler (paid pattern)
Flame Flower Table Runner by Joanita Theron (paid pattern)
P 83: Hand Towel with Bead Stitch
Melly Teddy Ragdoll Shelly & Sandy Mermaid CAL by Melanie Grobler
Melly Teddy Ragdoll Giant Panda CAL by Melanie Grobler
Hanging Air Plant Basket by Carrie Shook (paid pattern)
Spring Bunny Rattle by Caitie Moore (paid pattern)
Kitten Rattle by Caitie Moore (paid pattern)
Jolly Little Pirate by Caitie Moore
Boho Flower Bracelet by Caitie Moore (paid pattern)
Narcissus Flower by Caitie Moore
Itty Bitty Kitty by Caitie Moore
Poppy flower by Caitie Moore
Beach Blues Crochet Baby Blanket CAL by Joanita Theron
Hannah’s Unicorn Blanket CAL by Melanie Grobler
The Cassiopeia Throw CAL by Joanita Theron
Fold up Unicorn play set CAL by Joanita Theron
Melly Teddy Ragdoll Unicorn CAL by Melanie Grobler
Passion Flower Blanket by Joanita Theron (paid pattern)
Doors Cardigan by Bar Scmeide (paid pattern)
Aerosmith Swaeter by Bar Scmeide (paid pattern)
Melly Teddy crochet along by Melanie Grobler
P 79: Seychelles Lace Vest
Nikkim Summer Tee by Annelies Baes (paid pattern)
P 67: Sea breeze diamond blanket
Granny Patchwork Blanket by Brenda Grobler
Striped Cross Stitch Placemat by Joanita Theron
Psychedelic Love Heart  by Joanita Theron
Christmas Sun Star Doily  by Joanita Theron
Yuletide star table runner by Joanita Theron
Starry Christmas Doily by Joanita Theron
Lykke CAL Part 1 By Karen Adendorff
Lykke CAL part 2 by Karen Adendorff
Lykke CAL part 3 by Karen Adendorff
Lykke CAL part 4 by Karen Adendorff
P 77: Twilight Blanket
P 76: Colour Splash Hexagon Blanket
Leslie Slippers by Laura Summs (Paid pattern)
Sweet Baby Dress By Brenda Grobler (paid pattern)
The Skylar Blanket By Brenda Grobler (paid pattern)
P 74: Cabled Cushions
P 73: Apache Tear Shoulder Bag
Manson Sweater by Rocknwool (paid pattern)
Tapestry crochet bag – Vinni – by Cathy Wagner (paid pattern)
P 68: Star Baby Blanket
P 66: Venda Throw
Pattern 56: Birds garden Blanket
P 56: Birds garden Blanket
SA Memories SHAWL by Atty (paid pattern)
Pattern 1: Serenity Cardigan
P1: Serenity Cardigan
Pattern 4: Paris Top
P 4: Paris Top
Pattern 10: Denim Days Loose Jacket
P 10: Denim Days Loose Jacket
Pattern 11: Belle
P 11: Belle
Pattern 12: Drops Of Sunshine
P 12: Drops Of Sunshine
Pattern 14: Rio
P 14: Rio
Pattern 15: Karoo Bedspread
P 15: Karoo Bedspread
Pattern 16: Cathedral Window Throw
P 16: Cathedral Window Throw
Pattern 17: Forever Earth Tablecloth
P 17: Forever Earth Tablecloth
Pattern 18: I Love Hearts Cushions
P 18: I Love Hearts Cushions
Pattern 19: Lollipop Stripes
P 19: Lollipop Stripes
Pattern 20: Pretty In Pink
P 20: Pretty In Pink
Pattern 21: Darling Little Princess Crown
P 21: Darling Little Princess Crown
Pattern 22: Tatum
P 22: Tatum’s Jacket
Pattern 23: Tatum
P 23: Let’s Fly! Boy Sweater
Pattern 24: Little Princess Cardigan
P 24: Little Princess Cardigan
Pattern 25: Sam the Bunny
P 25: Sam the Bunny
Pattern 29: Eugene the Crab
P 29: Eugene the Crab
Pattern 29: Eugene the Crab
P 36: Lucky Clover Cushion
Pattern 29: Eugene the Crab
P 37: Rustic Lilly Throw
Pattern 29: Eugene the Crab
P 39: Flower Power Revival
Pattern 29: Eugene the Crab
P 41: Triangular Cape
Pattern 29: Eugene the Crab
P 42: Lacy Dress
Pattern 29: Eugene the Crab
P 48: Nikkim & Serina Shirt
Pattern 56: Birds garden Blanket
P 61: Textured Baby Blanket
P 46: Ice Crystal Poncho